West Houston Quilter's Guild

West Houston Quilter's Guild



We hope that this year you take advantage of the resources provided by the WHQG Library.  There are many instruction books and novels to check out and a list of all of them are on the website. 


NOTE:  Because we cannot store the library cabinet at our current meeting facility, books must now be requested in advance from the Librarian.  Please e-mail Kathie Frost and she will pull the book(s) you request and bring them to the meeting for you.

We also have many magazines that are for sale at the meeting for .25 cents each.

If you had a book that you enjoyed or found useful, please write a book review and submit it to us for the newsletter.  You could also compare books on the same subject.  This information might be useful to other guild members. 


Master Book LIST by Title


Library Policies

  • Only Guild members may check out items from the library.
  • Library items may be checked out for one month, from one program meeting to the next.
  • You may reserve a book by phone, by email, or at the monthly meeting.
  • You may renew a book by phone, by email, or at the monthly meeting.
  • Library items may be renewed once for one additional month.
  • If any book is not returned in 3 months the borrowers name will be listed in the newsletter. If you are unable to come to a meeting, you can send it with another member, or call us to arrange to collect the book(s).
  • At the librarians discretion, library items that are not highly circulated may be renewed more than one time.
  • If a member loses or damages a library item, the member must replace it immediately with the same item or one of equal value.