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West Houston Quilter's Guild


Guild Quilt Challenge

One Color in Its Many Shades and Tints Challenge

The 2017 Quilt Show Committee is issuing a challenge to the members of the West Houston Quilter’s Guild to create a one-color quilt to be entered or shown in the 2017 Quilt Show on March 3-4, 2017. For this challenge, we will be diving into the experience of one color in its many shades and tints. The fabric stores are carrying more solids, and colors that read as solids, than we have ever seen before. We will be looking for “Best Use of Color,” “Following the Rules,” and “Originality.”

Challenge Deadline February 15, 2017

Quilts must be shown at the February Guild Meeting where Guild members will vote on their favorite. The winning quilts will receive special “Guild Choice” ribbons to be displayed on the quilts at the quilt show.

Rules for the Challenge:

1.     This challenge is to create a monochromatic project using a color of your choice plus any others in the same color gradation to complete your project. You may use white or black with the color gradations (but only white or black – not both).  You may use prints as long as they are either tone on tone or have either black or white (depending on which you have chosen) as a contrast.

2.     You may use any techniques you wish – traditional piecing, foundation piecing, appliqué of any kind, etc. We encourage you to try something new—even in a small way.

3.     Size range: Quilt can be no larger than 360” around the perimeter (sorry this is for ease of showing the project for judging and hanging in the quilt show) and no smaller than 144” around; it can be any shape.

4.     Your entry must have three layers including batting and be quilted either by machine or hand. No bags, wearables, or home-dec items.

5.     The quilt must have a hanging sleeve and a label on the back.

6.     Your entry must have been created between October 2015 and January 2017.

7.     All challenge quilts must be entered in the quilt show, including the “Guild Choice” winners, and are eligible for awards.

8.     Include a brief description of your inspiration and how/why you used the techniques you did in your quilt on your entry form.

Learn more about the 2017 Guild Challenge here.